Elisa Vallette

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Elisa Valletta, who graduated from McGill University in June 2018, is passionate about sustainability economics. She is interested in how a green economy can alleviate poverty while preserving the environment. She is now doing the Master Governance, Development and Public Policy at Sussex University in England.
She cares about peoples’ well-being and respect for Nature. She thinks these two notions go hand in hand: if people respect Nature, then a feeling of well-being will overwhelm them. Born in French Polynesia, she grew up in the countryside of the South of France. She loves travelling and discovering new cultures. She is always fascinated by the stories locals told her, and how they perceive the world and the place of humans within it. She noticed that many cultural beliefs relate to Mother Earth. Hence, she believes in the positive power of some cultural beliefs for environmental protection.
After working in the office of Earth5R in Mumbai, Elisa is currently implementing the ACT Paris project in France. She thinks French citizens have a lot to learn about a sustainable lifestyle and can change their everyday life habits thanks to Earth5R. She is enthusiastic to lead the change!

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