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Ingo Jäger completed his studies in Business and Technology at TUM Munich.

During his studies, Ingo was part of an international non-profit organisation AIESEC working towards peace and fulfilment of humankind’s potential. At AIESEC Ingo worked at a leadership position and learned about leadership as well as entrepreneurship. During this time he developed the ambition to contribute towards a better world with his work.

At Earth5R Ingo is using his research skills and building partnerships with companies for CSR projects. This is to improve the living conditions of villages in India. During a 6 weeks stay in Mumbai he had the chance to experience the living conditions of villages in India first hand. Furthermore he could talk with some companies in India to understand their point of view better. This experiences helped him to continue his work for Erath5R at Germany.

Ingo was born and raised in Laudenbach a village in Germany. Before he moved to Munich for his studies. Already during his childhood he had the chance to travel around the world and gain respect and admiration for different cultures. This continued during his studies and beyond.

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