Justin Morris

Volunteer Environmentalist, SCOTLAND

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In the early 2016, Justin completed his undergraduate M.A. in Economics and a Business Management degree at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland. Here he indulged in playing guitar, football and spending time with friends in the beautifully vast Scottish highlands. In the year 2017 he will begin his postgraduate degree in M.Sc. in Environmental Management for Business at Cranfield University, England, to learn how companies can deliver more sustainable practices, as businesses play a key role in contributing to climate change.

Growing up in Jakarta and Manila exposed Justin to two very opposite environments; One consisted of the urban difficulties of pollution, waste, and poverty, whilst the other was one of our world’s untouched environmental gems. Escaping to nearby islands, tropical forests and the underwater marine life, made him really value our natural environment along with the wildlife in it.

Taking in strayed cats as a boy and being an animal lover with the belief that all life on Earth is precious, he is an active sharer of animal welfare organisations on social media to raise awareness on the unfair animal treatment in certain industries. In the long-term Justin also hopes to create a sanctuary for wild animals in need of medical care and a home, because who else can help them?

On top of this, he loves exploring the world, it’s many various natural beauties, and experiencing the different cultures of the human race. Though sitting back to watch a good film or to read an exciting mystery novel would also count as a treat to his day.

To be a part of Earth5R is being a part of a movement to a better world, Justin’s first out of a lifetime of more to come, making this opportunity extremely special. Hopefully his time here will help Earth5R connect with multi-national companies, like Starbucks, to promote sustainable development and social responsibility to the Indian community.

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