Ketul Patel

Project Coordinator

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Ketul is a young enthusiastic lad from Gandhinagar, India. Currently he is pursuing Automobile Engineering from SCET Kalol, Gujarat, India.

He is an art lover. His bloodline passion for writing and reading is what makes him interesting. He loves football.

Ketul is a guy that looks for possibilities in any hardcore challenges. He likes to make his own way and failure for him means the most important learning lesson. He likes to collaborate with people so that the sum of combined potential outputs the great people.

He is a very interactive guy. He loves to talk with people because he thinks that every person is a teacher. He strongly believes that the high-quality work is only produced when you had equal amount of fun.

At Earth5R Ketul Patel is the Project Coordinator for ACT Project.

“Talking is too mainstream!”

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