Lee Qiao Mei

Volunteer Environmentalist, SINGAPORE

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Lee Qiao Mei hails from Singapore. She is currently an undergraduate studying Business and Management.She came to India to experience all the colourful culture, India has to offer and also to expose herself to a more diverse environment. As of now, India has not disappointed her; From their crazy Mumbai trains to their overly friendly locals, she truly enjoys immersing herself in these shenanigans.

While her stay in India is not considered that long, she has definitely observed some gender issues in the Indian society. As someone who feels strongly for equal rights, she cannot fathom the kind of things some women have to go through.

Through Earth5R, she hopes to interact more with underprivileged women and learn more of their stories. She believes that Earth5R projects will have a positive impact on the receiving community and also the environment, no matter how small the impact is. With environmentally friendly business projects that engage the underprivileged families, not only will the family be able to make a living, they will also be able to do it in a sustainable way.

Besides, she likes spending her time watching Korean dramas and having sinful dinners with her friends but one of her biggest passion is make up because she believes that all women have the right to feel beautiful.

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