Marie Reboud

Volunteer Environmentalist, FRANCE

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Marie Reboud is a French student who joined Earth5R in July 2017 and participated in the launching of project Sustainable Himalayas in India. With Earth5R she worked at Mumbai and in the Himalayas. She was shocked by the pollution of India’s most beautiful landscapes and thus joined Earth5R because she believes individual actions in everyday life can make a difference.

She just finished her second year at Sciences Po in France and is now moving to California to study political economy and development at UC Berkeley.

Marie participates in the implementation of ACT Paris program. ACT stands for Action, Collaboration, Transformation.; she is convinced that French people still have a lot to learn on how to reduce their environmental impact through life habits (waste sorting, recycling, compost, use of alternatives to plastic…) and she believes in Franco-Indian partnership towards sustainable development.

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