Mo Yan Mervin

Volunteer Environmentalist, CHINA

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Mervin is a first-year science student from Suzhou, China. He is studying Information technology and Computer science at Xi’an Jiao Tong Liverpool University and comes with some good volunteering experience. He came to India through Project Conserve by AIESEC Navi Mumbai for voluntary work and joined Earth5R. He chose to come to India because he wanted to explore the wonderful culture and great history. Since he came to India, he posed himself to a diverse environment and he felt at ease with the help from local students.

He loves science and nature and hence he chose the project Conserve. He is good at playing the piano and computing as well. By joining Earth5R, he hopes that more people from India can become aware of the importance of protecting the environment. Through his work, he wishes that people will learn some skills and know the methods as to how to conserve resources for protecting mother nature. Furthermore, people can have a better livelihood by recycling and reusing waste.

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