Nick Anthony

Chief Advisor and Global Sustainability Hub Partner

Address: Ibiza, SPAIN
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Nick Anthony is the Chief Advisor and Global Sustainability Hub Partner at Earth5R. Nick is responsible for facilitating global expansions, building strategic partnerships and leading on collaborative initiatives of Earth5R.

Nick is also one of the partners in Plastics in Society Research & Innovation Hub. The Plastics in Society Research and Innovation Hub works with business, government and academia to address key knowledge gaps critical to a sustainable future for plastics in society, providing underpinning evidence to support real change in government policies, industrial practices and in consumer behaviour on a global scale.

Nick Anthony is leading various sustainability initiatives with Earth5R in the Indian Ocean region in partnership with National Geographic Society, Plastics in Society Research & Innovation Hub and various global universities.

Nick is co-founder(Managing Director) of a Thailand based Civic Society Organisation SEEK, which was setup with Sean Panton, the Marriott/Four Seasons and Ritz Carlton Thailand CSR co-chairman to tackle the threat of plastic waste on beaches. Based on their success they wrote a sustainability program with IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature), the Thai Government, NGOs, Business sector and local communities and campaigned against waste and pollution that has acted as the Thai Governments road map for a sustainable future.  Their guiding principles are to identify the problem, empower the community, build natural capital and in turn support sustainable business and tourism’s longevity. SEEK will be key to delivering impact in the Indian Ocean basin.

Read more about Nick Anthony’s work here.

Nick can be reached via twitter @indigonick 

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