Paige Gelder

Volunteer Environmentalist, U.K.

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Paige Gelder is a fourth-year student majoring in Chemical Engineering at the University of Sheffield, UK. During her third year of studies at the University of Pittsburgh in North America, she gained a greater awareness of the need for sustainability; not only in engineering but also in everyday life.

In her spare time, she enjoys reading, drinking good coffee and sitting in beautiful parks in various countries. With a passion for travelling, and the experiences that accompany it, she has traversed the United States, Canada and Vietnam before undertaking an environmental social project with AIESEC Mumbai, in the hopes of creating awareness about an issue that is prevalent worldwide.

As a feminist and female engineer, she is a proud advocate for encouraging and inspiring girls to pursue STEM subjects and education in general. She believes that there is a need for education on topics that surround sustainability, as key to bringing about a positive change in the society. Earth5R’s concepts interlace women empowerment and sustainable thinking with a proactive outlook which fits perfectly with Paige’s values and also she is enthusiastic about being part of the team this summer, in India.

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