Patricia Martínez Marcente

Volunteer Environmentalist, BRAZIL/GERMANY

Brief info

Patricia Martínez Marcente comes from São Paulo, Brazil. She is currently living and working in Frankfurt, Germany.

She pursued her high school in Brazil and then moved to Spain and received her Bachelor Degree in Labour Relations and Human Resources.

At the moment, Patricia is working as an intern in Deutsch Lufthansa AG, in the Human Resources department.

In her free time, she likes to meet friends. She loves to live in cross-cultural communities, learning about new cultural, tasting international foods making new friends. Her favourite hobby is travelling and exploring new places.

Patricia Martínez joined Earth5R because it has been her dream to work as a volunteer and mainly she want to contribute to a sustainability project, where she could help people, the environment and also learn from others and improve herself through that experience. Moreover, she dreams to experience a culture very different from her own. She believes that she would gain a beautiful experience while volunteering in India. To Patricia, India and its people have always appealed and she finds them interesting.

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