Philipp Bonkatz

Vice President- Global Operations

Address: Zurich, Switzerland
Brief info

Philipp is working at Earth5R as Vice President Strategy and Global Operations. He focused on the development of Earth5R within the first year of implementation which finished with a professional team lead by Saurabh Gupta and all Earth5R team leaders, acknowledgement of the United Nations by listing the organization and its activities.

Furthermore, he is building partnerships and sharing knowledge with people, projects and organizations around the world. He has set up a CSR partnership with a Bogota, Colombia-based organization, supporting projects about the use of (solar) energy in Hawai’i, building connections and sharing information with airlines and their ecological footprint (e.g. the Lufthansa Group Airlines).  

He has studied Aeronautical Engineering and Aeronautical Logistics in Berlin. He not only loves to travel but he is also interested in the engineering behind as well as all the economics it takes to run an aviation industry. Thus, he started to work for Swiss International Air Lines. After 6 years with SWISS, he took one step forward and moved to Moscow, Russia where he worked with Lufthansa as Senior Manager Business Development for the whole Lufthansa Group (Austrian, Lufthansa and SWISS). The time in Moscow gave him the chance to discover Russia’s beautiful nature as well as exchanging with local communities about sustainability and efficient waste management. Meanwhile, Philipp is back in Zurich, Switzerland, which he calls the centre of Europe and a good hub to travel, and works and Head of Pricing for Leisure and Ancillary Business Lufthansa Group.

Philipp was born and raised in the eclectic city of Berlin, Germany. With a remarkable height of 6’8” (202cm), he started playing basketball and was part of the Berlin cadre and Alba Berlin and his team placed 3rd in the German championship. Nowadays he changed to company sports and joins as well as organizes Inter-Airline-Volleyball-Tournaments twice a year.

When Philipp was still in school, he used to live for almost a year in Las Vegas, USA a bit outside the city in the desert with a gorgeous overview of the city. Connections to friends and family continue to exist until today.

He is now based in Zurich and enjoying Switzerland’s nature as well as Zurich Airport as a hub to travel to different cultures in all parts of the world. He says “There is almost nothing as strong and big as my wanderlust.”

On his bucket list, you can find visiting the new 7 wonders of the world, exploring as many different cultures as possible and a sailing trip around our blue planet.

He feels life is so exciting and might surprise you when you expect it the least. Therefore, he feels, it is important not to have as many friends as possible but as vigorous and loyal as possible. While his friends moved in almost all directions of the earth– he makes it a point he meets them time after time.

His hobbies today include sports (surfing, skateboarding, beach volleyball etc.), travelling and sailing.

Philipp also serves as Vice President for SWISS Foundation for Children in Need, a nonprofit organization by employees of SWISS supporting children around the world together with partners providing a family, accommodation, food, education with the goal to give them the chance to reintegrate into society. Recent projects in India are built on a collaboration of the SWISS Staff Foundation and Earth5R.

In future, he also plans to initiation Green Engineering & Solar projects for Earth5R.

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