Riya Manuja

Volunteer Environmentalist, INDIA

Brief info

Riya Manuja, born and raised in Haryana, is pursuing her Bachelor Degree in Commerce from Dyal Singh Evening College, Delhi University.

She is fond of traveling and always wishes to explore the world. She loves poetry and R.H.Drake and Christopher Poindexter always stole her heart with their poetries.

Riya is an excited girl who loves to meet new people and gaining new experiences. She likes to engage in any social or purposeful activities. She has been associated with NGO’S, NSS and WWF. An independent girl who don’t trust people easily and firm on her decisions.

An avid lover of nature and sometimes you will find Riya clicking pictures of the nature beauty. She is a photo freak girl who loves to hangout with her friends. And yeah a great food lover who knows about every food corner of Delhi. She enjoys cooking different dishes. She is an introvert plus extrovert girl and a great feminist.

Riya finds great peace when alone with listening to her favorite music and operating pinterest.

She is known for her rebel nature and tomboy looks. She love to do painting and especially painting t-shirts on her own. She likes to encourage people and always free to give you a genuine advice. She always finds love in small things that people do for her.

She finds a great fun in noticing people and being sarcastic to people is something she enjoys.

According to her ‘everything is possible if you are determined’.

Riya Manuja has joined Earth5R to make a difference because she believes that “we are the last generation to be able to do something about the environment and the first generation to understand how serious it is.

She believes that ” small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world.

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