Safiya Tyebally

Volunteer Environmentalist, SINGAPORE

Brief info

Safiya Tyebally is from Singapore and is a sophomore student in the National University of Singapore. She is majoring in Global Studies, under the political science department. As part of her tertiary education, Safiya was in Singapore Polytechnic where she graduated with a diploma in Applied Drama and Psychology.

Safiya is of Pakistani and Indian origin. Growing up she visited Pakistan several times and witnessed poverty and the kind of living conditions poor people faced; The pollution she encountered highlighted the importance of environmental awareness. Particularly striking to her, was the number of child beggars that swarmed the roads everyday. This inspired her interest in children’s access to education because she believes that education is a right that all children deserve.

She is also deeply passionate about women’s rights and social issues like human trafficking and rape. Her internship in India is her first work experience abroad and she is enthusiastic to be a part of Earth5R as it works on both environment sustainability and simultaneously empowers women in slums by giving them ownership over products they can make using recycled materials.

She hopes to make an impact on the lives of the women here and the environment.

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