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Born in Gujarat, Sharad Vegda shifted base to Mumbai in 2011 and started pursuing his dream of becoming a photographer thereon. As an amateur photographer, he stood first in ‘Mumbai Behance Portfolio Reviews’ in the year 2012. He has won 1st Prize in ‘Focus – Annual Photographer Competition’ in the year 2014 as well as 2015, conducted by National Institute of Photography (NIP).

Street Photography is Sharad’s forte. He can go to any extent to get the perfect shot, that’s the passion and dedication he has towards his profession.

Sharad has also been a part of ‘Nat Geo Cover Shot – 3’ which went on air on National Geographic Channel in January 2015. He was one of the top 16 contestants on the show and was very well appreciated for his work by the judges, Mr. Samar Singh Jodha and Mr. Abhinay Deo.

He was working as a photo journalist with ‘Mumbai Messenger – The weekly newspaper’. He wishes to travel around the small cities to show their beauty through his photography. Basically, Sharad’s life revolves around photography. That’s all he thinks about all day and all night.

Sharad Vegda is also an active part of ‘Aasha-The hope for Animals’. An animal lover, he believes in adopting instead of buying and stays with four strays in his house. Other than photography, Sharad loves playing cricket. And prefers playing chess in his spare time.

Sharad has joined Earth5R to share his stories through his photos, what he does best. He is currently heading the documentary division of Earth5R.

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