Sonam Sengar

Project Coordinator

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Sonam Sengar is an engineering graduate from Cummins College of Engineering, Pune. Mathematics has always been her favorite subject. She loves adventures and wishes to explore new places.

Sonam loves painting and aspires to do more of it whenever possible. She is crazy about movies and dance. Once she starts doing something she is really passionate about she makes sure she does it really well.

Her idea of a peaceful place would be one which is clean and full of greenery. She believes that it is solely our responsibility to make the world around us beautiful. If you think something is wrong around you take a step towards changing it. Being a part of Earth5R is her step towards the change she wants to see around her.

She is the Project Coordinator at Earth5R and responsible for the Intern and Volunteer team.

Being a part of Earth5R is a step towards the change Sonam Sengar wants to see around herself.

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