Sriranjani Srinivasan

Volunteer Environmentalist, INDIA

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Sriranjani Srinivasan is from Bangalore and an engineering student,doing her B.E. course in Biotechnology. She plans to pursue Mtech or M.S. in future.
She is always enthusiastic for learning anything new and has an inclination towards fine arts. She learns Carnatic Vocal music and also paints as a hobby. She is always up for interacting with new people and making friends. She has always had a penchant for helping people and with that intention she joined team Earth5R as an intern.

She considers working at Earth5R as her time well spent. She learnt about the various ways poverty has been actually eating people up. It was really hard to even empathise with their situation. But it was a great experience interacting with these communities. It was indeed a knowledge based experience and having gotten to know the various kinds of people and getting an in-depth knowledge of their lives was amazing. She is thankful to Earth5R for having provided her such a great learning experience through this internship.

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