Trang Pham

Volunteer Environmentalist, VIETNAM

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Trang Pham is a junior student majoring in Marketing Administration at the National Economics University, Hanoi, Vietnam. During the period of three years studying, she participated in various activities regarding sustainability; hence, gained awareness and hands-on experiences on the matter of environmental, economic and social aspects of daily life.

With a desire of self-discovering and social impact-creating, she has been a member of AIESEC Vietnam for more than one year before undertaking an educational social project with AIESEC in Navi Mumbai, India. She strongly supports the concept of leadership in which all individuals possess potential to become a better leader with “out-of-the-box” philosophy; therefore, be able to create sustainability for the society in a way that had never been implemented before.

The promising initiatives implemented by Earth5R has fascinated Trang Pham as they fit comfortably with her values. She believes in the long-lasting impacts that Earth5r is creating for its community and enthusiastic to be a part of the team this summer.

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