Vedanshi Bhartia

Volunteer Environmentalist, INDIA

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Vedanshi Bhartia is currently pursuing B.Sc. from D.G. College, Kanpur. If she were to be described in one word, ‘Dreamer’ would be it. She is optimistic and easily adapts to every situation thereby finding reasons to be cheerful all the time. She is the happiest when she is traveling and also enjoys listening to or singing Sufi music. She has a knack for photography and badminton. Her sound communication skills makes it easy to communicate with the masses and gel readily with new people.
With Earth5R , she got to experience the joys of giving, be it knowledge or simply distributing toffees. Their welcoming smiles and eagerness to learn motivates her to work hard to bring out their talents, encourage entrepreneurship and make a difference in an eco-friendly manner.

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