Earth5R is a tech-driven, socio-environmental organisation. 

Our primary objective is to solve the current global climatic crisis by enacting a citizen-driven platform for the development of sustainability globally.

We aim to achieve this by -:

  • Developing a culture of global environmental awareness
  • Providing communities opportunities for direct change
  • Directly, and indirectly impacting ecological issues
  • Achieving the above through our mobile technology driven app

The 5R’s in the name of Earth5R describes our ideology and work plan, which is to

Respect the Earth, nature, and our fellow humans

Reuse to prevent excessive industrial pollution

Reduce to limit, and control waste generation

Recycle to enforce a green circular-economy

Restore our planet, to enact a sustainability 

Our Journey

Earth5R Environmental And Sustainable Achievements Timeline

From just a single, yet driven volunteer cleaning up his neighbourhood, to an internationally recognised organisation backed by UNESCO and supported by the UN; we have climbed high and don’t plan to stop.

Saurabh Gupta, the founder of Earth5R embarked upon this journey when he quit his lucrative job at Cafe Coffee Day to bicycle around different countries, riding more than 50,000 kilometres. 

On his journey in 2014, he noticed the minimalist lifestyle of the population in various countries and the stark contrast living of people in others. He realised that, if the entire world followed sustainable standards the world would change overnight.

In 2015, inspired by this, Earth5R officially started when he set out on a solo mission to once and for all put an end to the unsustainability in his locality. 

He started by setting up a zero waste system at his home and in his apartment building, then promoting sustainable plantation over decorative in his locality, and organising a cleanup of Powai lake, close to his home, with his family and friends. 

In the coming year, many like-minded people joined him, and eventually Earth5R was a sizable, volunteer-driven community organising cleanups throughout Mumbai.

This citizen-led community started education and recycling drives in the city in an effort to set up a circular-economy system based on sustainability

Merely two years later, in 2017, Earth5R’s outreach expanded not only throughout India, but also the globe. We enacted an A.C.T. (Action. Collaboration. Transformation) for global participation. In the words of our founder, “A.C.T Global is not just a sentimental vision of Earth5R, the world needs a participative model and it’s urgent!” 

A two time TEDx speaker (Paris and Mumbai) Saurabh has inspired millions of people through his collaborative, hands on, action oriented leadership.

Earth5R was lauded by the French president, Emmanuel Macron for their success in this initiative. Next year, in 2018, the same model was presented in the Paris Peace Forum, and our outreach significantly expanded in 53 different countries. 

Moving on to 2020, due to Earth5R’s global efforts in setting up a circular-economy via A.C.T, our organisation received 0.6 million Euro funding from the UN for cleaning up and recycling of the Mithi River in Mumbai. The project was a joint effort with the United Nations Technology Innovation Labs, VTT Labs Finland, River Recycle, and Huhtamäki Oyj. 

Owing to our massive success in this project, in 2021 our organisation was recognised in the top 300 World Best Practices on Sustainability and Innovation for the 5th Edition of the Global Entreps Awards. In the same year, United Nations Technology Innovations Lab provided us with .7 Million USD funding for cleaning up the rivers of Mumbai.

However, while our efforts have been commendable and our list of accolades long; we have realised that a single collective group can only achieve so much. With 65,000+ volunteers throughout the globe, we began to face logistical limitations and decided to freeze the number of volunteers. 

In order to spread awareness about the environment at an even larger scale, we have implemented mobile technology, the Earth5R app. This app is based on the same model and principles that the Earth5R practices, i.e, local people taking actions on local matter. In a nutshell, the idea is that ‘we need to be sustainable ourselves at a personal level, before achieving sustainability at a global level’. 

Since Earth5R has now become a digital platform, we can presently accommodate a virtually  endless number of volunteers, interns, and individuals to work towards sustainability at a scale never before imagined!

Check out the Earth5R app now to take part in the global sustainability revolution!

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