Tokyo June Heatwave Worst since 1875 as Power Supply Creaks under Strain

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Japan baked under scorching temperatures for a fourth successive day on Tuesday, as the capital’s heat broke nearly 150-year-old records for June and authorities warned power supply remained tight enough to raise the specter of cuts.

The heatwave comes less than two weeks before a national election in which prices, including the cost of electricity, are among key issues picked by voters in opinion polls that show the government’s approval rating slipping – with politicians including Tokyo’s governor urging power price cuts.

Temperatures in the capital hit 35.1 C by 1 p.m local time on Tuesday (0400 GMT), after three successive days of temperatures topping 35 C – the worst streak of hot weather in June since records began in 1875. And the heatwave isn’t about to break: the Japan Meteorological Agency forecast highs of 36 C for Tokyo on Thursday and 35 C on Friday.

With heatstroke alerts issued in some areas of the country for Tuesday, cases of hospitalization rose, with emergency services saying 76 people were taken to hospital in Tokyo.

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Source: Reuters

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