Tree plantation by Earth5R Gandhinagar

On 16th July, the Gujarat Earth5R team gathered at a local Government school to conduct a tree plantation activity followed by a discussion on the environment. The 25 students along with their teacher, Ms. Geetaben were an enthusiastic bunch.

They actively participated in the plantation activity as well as in the interactions.Throughout the activity, the Earth5R team members guided the students and engaged them in a fun and spirited dialogue on our Environment. The main idea was to give rise to a feeling of respect among the children of the school towards our Environment. The event was planned to not only serve as a tree plantation activity but to also help the children connect to the whys and hows of the process while having fun throughout!

The Earth5R team also had a fun learning session with the students about the current situation of the environment and helped the children develop an understanding of why Environment Conservation is important for present day communities. The activity also brought up several medicinal home remedies the children could use, reducing their negative environmental impact.

The School children promised to take better care of their environment and protect it.Their spirit and enthusiasm gives us hope for a better environmental future! Earth5R has been invited to conduct another community activity by the school principal in coming days. The event was a huge success and was a great learning process for the Earth5R team as well. It helped us gain insight into the minds of budding future environmentalists.

A big thanks to the School Authorities for their help and support.

Photos by Nikunj Pandya, Journal Editor: Vandita Morarka

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