Contamination and pollution of aquatic environments has a severe impact on its ecosystem. From oceans and seas, to ponds, rivers, lakes, and streams; pollution has degraded the quality of water bodies all around the globe.

A major proof for the huge amounts of water pollution in India is the state of the Ganga river. Once a source of rich biodiversity, Ganga is a victim of religious pollution. Numerous Hindu practices revolve around disposing off materials into the Ganga which severely harms its condition. Same is the case for the Yamuna river in Delhi.

Oil spills and microplastics are other causes of severe water pollution. They not only degrade aquatic ecosystems but also contaminate food chains and ultimately affect aquatic organisms and even humans. Other causes include industrial and chemical effluents, waste raw materials and sewage. 

All the major rivers of India are now littered with waste; majority of which is plastic. Plastics in water bodies are a major source of microplastics. Other forms of waste include waste from religious processions. Ultimately this leads to endangerment and biodiversity loss of aquatic species. 

One way to tackle waste accumulation in water bodies is to have proper waste management techniques and waste cleanup drives.

Through the Earth5R app, you have an opportunity to conduct a ‘Water Ecosystem Survey’ of your local water bodies. They assess the species biodiversity in and around the water body, the state of the waterbody, and the extent of waste present.

Earth5R will not only share your valuable survey readings within your community, but also inform your local government, and push for change. Thus, you will directly impact the noise pollution in your locality, and improve the well-being of your community.

Download Earth5R – Your environmental app, and spread sustainability in your locality!

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