Earth5R News Article: Water scarcity, Energy Conservation in Bhuj, Gujarat

Bhuj, is the headquarters of Kutch district in Gujarat. The city  faces several environmental issues. From managing waste effectively to tackling the increasing water scarcity due to its semi-arid setting, Bhuj confronts salinity concerns and the deteriorating condition of the Banni Grasslands. Moreover, harnessing its immense potential for solar energy generation is an ongoing environmental objective for the city.

Earth5R Community Action in Bhuj, Gujarat

In Bhuj, the local community is harnessing the power of the Earth5R App to both educate themselves about environmental issues and take decisive actions to combat them. It’s this grassroots involvement and amplified public consciousness that form the cornerstone of addressing our ecological challenges.

Simplifying intricate environmental data is one of the core offerings of the Earth5R App. For dedicated community members like Falguni Maheshwari, a environmental engineer, collaborating with Earth5R remotely, this translates into a clear understanding and proactive response to the environmental situations in her vicinity. Falguni remains a steadfast advocate for the environment, despite physical challenges, showcasing that true dedication knows no bounds. Her commitment serves as an inspiration, demonstrating that with perseverance and passion, anyone can make a significant impact on the world around them.

The Action and Research Survey 

Here’s a glimpse into the commendable environmental endeavors of Earth5R community member Falguni Maheshwari in Bhuj, achieved through the empowering Earth5R app:


    • Sustainability Self-assessment: Falguni took the Personal Sustainability Survey, discovering her practices are 78% in sync with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. She’s now a vocal advocate, urging others to gauge their sustainability standings.


    • Water Ecosystem Inspection: At Old Dhatia Falia, Falguni noted a blue-hued lake devoid of foam, indicating no chemical contamination. However, PET bottle litter was a concern. In contrast, the lake at Ghanshyam Nagar exhibited a brown tint but similarly lacked foam, with synthetic clothes marking its pollution issue.

Bhuj is a semi-arid region, which has 80 water bodies to enhance water management. However, as per Times of India report only 38 of them are functional. The remaining 27 are represented as wasteland in the government records. Earth5R’s volunteer, Falguni captured the current state of water bodies in her count survey.


    • Noise Pollution Analysis: Falguni diligently surveyed noise pollution in two distinct zones in Bhuj. In the commercial vicinity of Bhakrota, Jaipur, she recorded peak noise levels at 84 decibels, averaging at 60 decibels. A contrasting observation was made in the residential locale of Vijay Nagar,Bhuj where the peak noise level reached 80 decibels with an alarming average of 65 decibels, surpassing the permissible limits for residential areas.


    • Waste Management Pursuits: Falguni identified three critical waste zones in a single kilometer stretch at Vijay Nagar, highlighting the pressing need for effective waste management.


    • Urban Infrastructure Audit: Her diligent Pothole Surveys in Vijay Nagar revealed a concerning count of 5 potholes, underscoring the urban infrastructural challenges.


    • Tree Count Analysis: On her greenery assessment walks, Falguni recorded 20 trees at Ghanshyam Nagar, while Kunaria Nana-Mota displayed a slightly higher count of 25 trees, indicating the region’s green coverage.


    • Energy Utilization Studies: In Vijay Nagar, Falguni analyzed the energy practices of two commercial establishments: a larger department store and a smaller shop. Both places predominantly relied on artificial lighting, pointing to the vast energy consumption in commercial spaces.


    • Urban Plantation: Demonstrating her commitment to the environment, Falguni spearheaded an Urban Plantation in Vijay Nagar, directly contributing to carbon offsetting.


    • Circular Economy Initiative: Falguni conducted a pivotal training session on Circular Economy in Vijay Nagar, equipping individuals with knowledge on sustainable economic practices.

Falguni’s diverse environmental activities, propelled by the Earth5R app, underline the potential each individual holds in championing eco-friendly causes and cultivating sustainable urban environments.

The Key Sustainability Issues

Waste Management in Bhuj

Like many other cities, Bhuj too faces challenges with waste disposal. While specific data may not be available in a format similar to Hyderabad, it’s known that waste disposal practices in many parts of Gujarat, including Bhuj, have been the subject of scrutiny, especially with regard to plastics and non-biodegradable waste.

Water Scarcity and Rainwater Harvesting

Bhuj, located in the arid region of Kutch, has historically faced water scarcity issues, particularly during drought years. This was tragically highlighted during the 2001 earthquake, after which many traditional water sources were damaged.Post the earthquake, a number of NGOs and government bodies have put in place rainwater harvesting systems in the area. The efforts have aimed at rejuvenating traditional water storage structures as well as building new ones.

Salinity Intrusion

Coastal areas of Kutch, including areas around Bhuj, face the issue of saline water intrusion. This makes groundwater unsuitable for agriculture and consumption. The phenomenon is a result of factors such as over-extraction of groundwater and reduced freshwater flow due to upstream usage.

Biodiversity Concerns

The Banni Grasslands, located near Bhuj, are the largest grasslands in Asia and have faced degradation due to various factors, including invasive species like the Prosopis juliflora.

Solar Energy

Gujarat has been a leader in solar power generation in India. The Kutch district, given its vast expanse of land and high solar insolation, has seen interest from various companies to set up solar power plants.

Volunteer and Intern with Earth5R Community to restore the ecosystem

On the path to enhanced environmental stewardship, the role of each individual cannot be overstated. It’s our collective actions that elevate environmental care from mere discussion to actionable solutions. By nurturing sustainable habits, we pave the way for a more vibrant and eco-friendly tomorrow.

The Earth5R app is not just an information portal; it’s a driving force enabling users to instigate palpable positive shifts in their surroundings. The flame of change starts with you, and Earth5R equips you with the crucial resources to magnify that flame into a transformative movement.

Earth5R’s provides Recognition to the volunteers and interns for Sustainability action

Align yourself with Earth5R’s mission and receive acknowledgment for your sustainable efforts. Through the app’s diverse environmental internships and volunteer programs, you can make a tangible impact, enhancing the ecological health and cleanliness of your community.

Take the step now; immerse yourself in the wave of sustainable change with Earth5R app.

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