What Happened to Green India? Ranked Lowest as per Environmental Performance Index, India Disputes Methodology

Environmental News from India:

A piece of bad news hit India’s green ambitions events this month! The country, aiming to go full throttle with its environmental missions this decade, ended up ranking last among 180 countries assessed on their ecological impact. The Environmental Performance Index 2022 (EPI) report ranked Afghanistan (81st), Bhutan (85th), Maldives (113th), Sri Lanka (132nd), Nepal (162nd), Pakistan (176th), Bangladesh (177th), above India (180th) in terms of environmental performance.

The EPI ranks countries based on how close they might be to achieving specific 2050 international climate targets, along with their performance in environmental health and ecosystem vitality. Therefore, a high ranking indicates that the country has longstanding and continual environmental protection schemes and policies that are at work.

As per the report, the top five best-performing countries (in order) include Denmark, the UK, Finland, Malta, and Sweden, which all belong to the Global-West region. In a not-so-surprising turn of events since the Trump administration, the US ranked only 43rd overall, a distinct outlier as most wealthy countries also typically displayed high EPI score-sheets. Asia-Pacific countries also performed quite terribly overall, with only two countries breaking the top 50 — Japan (25th) and Singapore (50th).

These rankings by the EPI are determined upon 40 rigorous performance indicators that seek to indicate the state of national efforts to protect environmental health, enhance ecosystem vitality and mitigate climate change.

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Source: Business Insider

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