Eugenie.Ai: Eugenie.Ai works towards building a world where industrial and economic growth coexists with environmental sustainability by bringing a unique combination of AI, engineering and design to bring technology and people close to each other to solve complex business problems that impact lives and livelihoods. Earth5R is working with to build a more sustainable world by harnessing AI and Big Data.

UN Global Pulse: Formally known as United Nations Technology Innovation Labs (UNTIL), UN Global Pulse is the technology arm of United Nations dealing with big data and artificial intelligence for development, humanitarian action and peace, established based on a recognition that digital data offer opportunities to gain a better understanding of changes in human well-being, and to get real-time feedback on how well policy responses work.

UN Global Pulse identified Earth5R for the River cleaning Clean technology project for Mithi river at Mumbai. This project received € 0.6 Mil funding.

Government of France: The Embassy of France in India and the government of France identified Earth5R founder Saurabh Gupta for young leaders India- France program to be awarded by the French president Emmanuel Macron. 

This programme created a huge pool of opportunities with the French government including the Environmental Ministry of France and partnerships with Mayors of French cities.

UNFCC: The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change established an international environmental treaty to combat “dangerous human interference with the climate system”, in part by stabilizing greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere. In 2020, Earth5R joined the United Nations’ Climate Neutral Now   Initiative, along with 31 other signatories, to accomplish bold climate actions that tackle their climate footprint

OECD: The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development is an international organisation that works to build better policies for better lives. Together with governments, policy makers and citizens, they work on establishing evidence-based international standards and finding solutions to a range of social, economic and environmental challenges.  Earth5R is a member of OECD round table working with global leaders on developing framework for cities and regions for sustainable development goals.

Paris Peace Forum: In 2018 Earth5R’s citizen centric sustainable development model was selected as one of the few Project Leaders from over 840 projects from all over the globe. It was one among 119 projects to be selected from all over the world and one of the 24 projects in the Environment Sector. Earth5R’s  Project was the only initiative which had citizen’s participation from conceptualisation to implementation of the project. 

UNESCO Green Citizens: Earth5R’s citizen project has been showcased as a UNESCO Green Citizen program. This project was selected for UNESCO Green Citizens for its unique circular economy and citizen centric model. 

Government of Curitiba District: Curitiba is the capital of the southern Brazilian state of Paraná.  It was also the first city in the world to start a colour coded waste segregation system and rapid bus transit system. Earth5R has been working with the Government of Curitiba consulting them on the Green Citizens Program and Circular Economy Project.

RiverRecycle: RiverRecycle takes action to stop ocean plastics by closing the loop on plastic waste travelling through rivers and areas close to rivers and reintroducing the recovered material into the economy using technologies like river plastic recovery systems and recycling infrastructure including pyrolysis.

Earth5R is implementing the community engagement and waste sorting operations in the Mumbai RiverRecycle operation.

VTT Technical Research Labs: VTT is one of Europe’s leading research institutions owned by the Finland Government. Their task is to advance the utilisation and commercialisation of research and technology in commerce and society. Earth5R is engaged with VTT on marine plastic research.

MMRDA: Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority is a body of the Government of Maharashtra, India, that is responsible for preparation of Regional Plan for MMR and the infrastructure development of the Mumbai Metropolitan Region. Earth5R is working with MMRDA on Mithi river cleaning project along with United Nations Pulse, VTT and RiverRecycle. 

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