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Earth5R is a leading global environmental-tech startup headquartered in Mumbai, recognized by UNESCO, and awarded by Google as one of the Google Playstore Best Apps of 2023. 

Earth5R is on a mission to shape a sustainable future using mobile phones as a tool in over 140 countries, supported by a network of 100,000 community environmentalists.

We are at the forefront of sustainability education, offering environmental certification courses complemented by remote internships.

Participants not only gain hands-on experience but also have their project reports published in EarthJournal as research articles, gaining access to a global network of sustainability experts.

Pioneering a Tech-Revolutionized Green Future

Earth5R turns your mobile phone into a powerful tool for sustainability action, allowing you to contribute, build your portfolio, and create a long-lasting record of your sustainability data. This not only adds credibility to your social and career journeys but also helps you in driving meaningful change.

Together with our community of users, we’re feeding into a large database of environmental data that is revolutionizing sustainability research, innovation, and systemic solutions.

Earth5R App Key Features

Earth5R’s Nikola Tesla Innovation Contest invites students to propose innovative solutions for a sustainable planet. This contest provides a national platform for showcasing young talent, with prizes including cash awards, smart devices, mentoring sessions, and participation certificates. Students can submit their ideas through the Earth5R app, where an expert panel will evaluate them. Winners will not only receive exciting rewards but also mentorship opportunities. Join us in shaping a sustainable future – Submit your ideas now!

Earth5R's Impact


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Our Partnerships & Affiliations

TEDxTalk @Paris

From Individualism to Collectivism 

Saurabh Gupta, Founder & CEO of Earth5R

TEDxTalk @Mumbai

The Accidental Environmentalist

Saurabh Gupta, Founder & CEO of Earth5R

Emmanuel Macron Saurabh Gupta Earth5R Volunteering Internship

Awarded by the French president

Emmanuel Macron

Mr. Emmanuel Macron, President of France, awarded Earth5R Founder, Saurabh Gupta, with the Young Leader India-France Award.

Earth5R has been acknowledged by UNESCO for its impact on the environment.

Mr. Emmanuel Macron awarded Saurabh Gupta for playing a significant role in the community leadership of environmental innovations on a global scale.




Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, 2015

Exceptional work by the Earth5R team. The women empowerment model that generates livelihood while solving the plastic waste problem is a great example of a circular economy in action.

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Impact Stories

It refers to a company’s social and environmental responsibility beyond financial requirements. CSR covers a company’s social, environmental, and economic effect…

Earth5R is an organization with a focus on enabling communities to take action towards a more sustainable future. Their dedication to sustainability and social responsibility makes them an ideal organization for this mission…

Environmental volunteering has become an essential aspect of community development, and Earth5R Environmental Organization is a leader in the field.  Earth5R is a global organization…

Earth5R is an environmental organization that has taken on the mission of engaging young people from all over the world and giving them opportunities for leadership and work…

Earth5R collaborated with the Lufthansa Group to organize a beach cleanup, and volunteers of all ages showed up to make a difference in their community…

In honor of World Environment Day on June 5, 2023, Earth5R organised a remarkable event at Powai Lake.With the help of devoted citizen volunteers, NSS volunteers, and…

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