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Earth5R is India's largest community-driven environmental platform that is empowering people to create a meaningful impact on the planet. The Earth5R app mobilises citizens to take climate-related action within their surroundings.

Earth5R has been awarded by the United Nations and recognised by several Heads of Nations. UNESCO has listed us as one of the top 100 global initiatives making an environmental impact. We are currently active in over 140 countries and have been creating an impact with the help of 100,000 citizen volunteers.

With Earth5R, you can connect with a community of passionate individuals, participate in community-driven initiatives, and track your progress as you work towards achieving your environmental goals. You become part of a global movement that is committed to driving positive change and creating a sustainable future for all.

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We believe that the most powerful tool ever made by humanity is in your hands- the Mobile phone.
Earth5R app empowers you to leverage the power of your mobile phone for social good. Through our app, you can take charge of your surroundings, participate in local initiatives, share your knowledge on sustainable practices, and learn from others. This app is a testament to the power of technology in bringing about positive change in our society.


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Our Partners

Emmanuel Macron Saurabh Gupta Earth5R Volunteering Internship

Awarded by the French president

Emmanuel Macron

Mr. Emmanuel Macron, President of France, awarded Earth5R Founder, Saurabh Gupta, with the Young Leader India-France Award.

Earth5R has been acknowledged by both the United Nations and UNESCO for its impact on the environment.

Mr. Emmanuel Macron awarded Saurabh Gupta for playing a significant role in the community leadership of environmental innovations on a global scale.



Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, 2015



Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, 2015

Exceptional work by the Earth5R team. The women empowerment model that generates livelihood while solving the plastic waste problem is a great example of a circular economy in action.

Our Mission

With the use of smart technology and big data, our mission is to mobilise two billion people globally to combat climate change by the end of 2030.
The objective and aim is to bring forth the rapid restoration of our natural community and ecological resources.

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