Corporate Social Responsibility Projects

Earth5R River Cleaning Mumbai ESG Environmental Course CSR

Mumbai River Cleaning Project with United Nations

Earth5R, VTT and RiverRecycle were granted 0.6 Million Euro funds to clean the plastic waste from Mumbai’s Mithi river in partnership with MMRDA. The project partners were selected by United Nations Technology Innovation Labs and funding was provided by Huhtamäki. Read more 

Project Selection and Showcase at the Paris Peace Forum

Earth5R was selected for the first ever Paris Peace Forum. Earth5R was selected as a Project Leader in the Environmental sector. The team presented the project to 65 heads of nations to champion collaborative solutions for a more sustainable future. Read more 

Plastic Recycling Program with Lufthansa Help Alliance

Earth5R, alongside Lufthansa Group, recently spearheaded a successful beach cleanup in Mumbai.This impactful initiative not only restored the beauty of the beach but also served as a powerful reminder of the critical issue of plastic pollution. Read more.

Sustainable School with SWISS International Airlines

The Swiss Staff Foundation and Earth5R collaborate on the Sustainable School Project. This initiative empowers underprivileged children through a circular economy model, providing essential resources and fostering environmental leadership. Read more

Earth5R and Hexaware Partner for Pune's Mula-Mutha Cleanup

Earth5R collaborated with Hexaware to address plastic pollution in Pune’s Mula-Mutha River. Through a riverbank cleanup, employees gained valuable knowledge on responsible waste management and actively prevented plastic from harming the ecosystem. This initiative empowered them to become environmental stewards. Read more

Earth5R's Sustainable Art Project: Nurturing Creativity with Nature

Earth5R’s engaging program for children of Hexaware employees in Mumbai, Chennai, and Pune fostered a love for nature through art. Kids participated in nature walks, learned indigenous tree-age estimation techniques, and created vibrant artwork on large leaves. This initiative instilled environmental awareness and a connection with the natural world, empowering them to become protectors of our planet. Read more

Sustainable Lighting for Navi Mumbai: The SolarOne Project

Earth5R, alongside Hexaware, launched the SolarOne Project – a CSR initiative bringing sustainable lighting to Navi Mumbai. 50 solar street lights illuminate the MHAP Mapei area, while 50 families near Borivali National Park received solar lamps. This project exemplifies the power of solar energy and corporate responsibility in fostering a sustainable future.        Read more

Juhu Beach Cleanup: A Collaborative Effort By Earth5R & Hexaware

Hexaware and Earth5R teamed up to tackle plastic pollution at Mumbai’s iconic Juhu Beach. Led by Earth5R’s founder, volunteers cleaned up the beach, learned about proper waste management, and prevented plastic from harming the marine ecosystem. This collaborative effort promotes a cleaner and more sustainable future for Mumbai’s beaches. Read more

Corporate Training for Larsen & Toubro on Circular Economy

Earth5R’s workshop in Lucknow equipped Larsen & Toubro’s team with strategies to minimize construction waste. Led by Saurabh Gupta, the session covered innovative recycling techniques, sustainable material selection, and on-site waste management practices. This collaboration empowers engineers to promote circularity in the construction sector.  Read more

Local Community Upcycle Office Waste & Starbucks Grounds for Pune Children

Coffee grounds and used paper from nearby offices and Starbucks were transformed into art supplies for a competition involving 50 children. Children learned about environmental issues and waste management while creating nature-themed artwork. Read more

Green School Program with Earth5R & SWISS International Airlines

Earth5R, in partnership with Swiss Airlines Staff Foundation, empowers Mumbai’s youth through the Green School Program. Students engage in hands-on workshops on organic gardening, composting, and waste segregation, becoming environmental stewards. This program equips them with the knowledge and skills to build a greener future. Read more.