Earth5R App

Why Earth5R App?

Importance: The app converts environmental concern into practical action, making it easier for individuals to contribute to sustainability.

Problem Solved: Addresses the gap between wanting to help the environment and knowing how to do so effectively.

Benefits: Offers a range of actionable steps and opportunities, from waste management to urban plantation, making it accessible for users to make a difference.

Empowers Community Action For Environmental Change

The Earth5R app acts as a catalyst for community-driven environmental action, enabling individuals to make a tangible impact.

It addresses the issue of climate inaction by providing a platform for individuals to participate actively in environmental conservation and sustainability practices.

Users can see the real-time impact of their actions, fostering a sense of accomplishment and encouraging continued participation.

Promotes Environmental Education And Awareness

Earth5R app is a key educational resource, offering users knowledge about environmental issues and sustainable practices.

It combats the lack of awareness and understanding about sustainability and environmental challenges.

Enhances user knowledge, leading to more informed and responsible environmental decisions in their daily lives.

Creates A Global Network Of Sustainability Advocates

By connecting users worldwide, the Earth5R app fosters a global community of environmental advocates.

Solves the issue of isolation in sustainability efforts, which can often discourage individual action.

Strengthens the global response to environmental challenges through shared experiences, ideas, and collaborative projects.

App Volunteering

App Volunteering

Noise Pollution Survey

noise pollution survey

Through this activity, you will spread awareness about the extent of noise pollution in your local area. You will use an app called, “decibel X,” and measure the average ambient noise.

Pothole Survey

pothole survey

Potholes are an obstacle to effective transportation, resulting in increased fuel consumption and emissions; this poses a risk to human life.

Circular Economy Training

circular economy training

A circular economy provides a framework for combating major environmental issues. You will have an opportunity to spread awareness about our five R’s via informative slides.

Waste Hotspot Survey

waste hotspot survey

Look around your neighbourhood and surrounding areas for piled up garbage. You’ll learn if waste management practises are followed in your area, and raise awareness about waste management.

Urban Plantation

urban plantation

For this activity, you will plant a sapling. Tree plantation not only combats deforestation but also prevents global warming.

Water Ecosystem Survey

water ecosystem survey

Visit your local ecosystem(waterbody) and among other things, check for plant and animal diversity to assess the ecosystem’s state. Through this activity, you are creating an awareness of the importance of preserving ecosystems.

App Challenges

earth5r app challenges

Paws For Cause

paws for cause

Feeding stray animals supports a compassionate community ecosystem, reducing reliance of animals on potentially harmful food sources, thereby promoting urban biodiversity and harmony

Eco Bricks Challenge


Engaging in the Ecobrick challenge promotes upcycling by fostering the concept of Circular Economy. It creates a sense of social responsibility. In the bigger picture it reduces the extent of non biodegradable material from going into the landfill.

Reuse And Upcycle

reuse and upcycle

Reduced waste, promoting recycling, minimizing environmental impact, and supporting a circular economy. Get as creative as you wish!

Sustainable Fashion Brands

sustainable fashion brands

Reducing environmental impact, raising consumer awareness, supporting ethical practises, pushing innovation, collective impact and fashion with purpose. eg: Accesories, jewellery, clothing, footwear brands

Benefits on Completion

challenges green points
earth5r app volunteering green points

To Join Earth5R, download the Earth5R app and create your sustainability ID and portfolio: