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Earth5R App is Proud Winner of the Google Playstore Award

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Recognised by the United Nations and UNESCO, Earth5R connects you with people who are equally passionate about sustainable development.

From four-week internship programmes at various organisations to local initiatives you can participate in, you can discover many ways to help the planet.

There are also individual challenges to explore, such as collecting plastic waste in your area or researching brands that promote sustainable fashion.


UNESCO Green Citizens

UNESCO Green Citizens

Earth5R, recognized as a UNESCO Green Citizen, is at the forefront of global environmental action. This esteemed status highlights Earth5R’s commitment to sustainable development and education. Through the Earth5R app, we offer comprehensive sustainability education and foster real-time environmental engagement.

Earth5R’s diverse programs, ranging from data-driven actions to grassroots projects, align with UNESCO’s vision of nurturing eco-conscious global citizens.

Our impactful work in environmental stewardship exemplifies a model for community-driven sustainable practices, resonating with UNESCO’s goals for a greener, more sustainable future.

UNESCO Seed of Change

UNESCO - Seeds Of Change

The Earth5R environmental application, based in India, is an interactive platform that enables users to actively address environmental challenges through on-the-ground actions.

It offers a range of activities like plastic waste management, tree planting and tackling pollution issues. The app also works as a unique social media platform dedicated to socio-environmental issues, allowing users to share stories and inspire others. It provides internship and volunteering opportunities to enhance leadership skills and offers rewards like green points for participation. Users can contribute to the Global Environmental Database, maintain a lifelong sustainability portfolio, access an environmental knowledge bank and stay updated on the latest news. Earth5R has been recognized by the United Nations and UNESCO for its environmental initiatives and is being made available in 140 countries with the support of 100,000 citizen volunteers (EARTH5R, 2023).