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Learn the fundamentals of environment and sustainability through hands-on courses by Earth5R. Dive into important topics such as urban sustainability, deforestation, circular economy, sustainable product design, life cycle assessments, green energy, and more.

This courses prepares you for the new age climate economy, providing an unparalleled advantage by blending fundamental sustainability principles with ground-level practices.

Our deep interest lies in creating the world’s largest community of environmental actors making an impact while being academically strong. Throughout the program, you’ll gain work experience remotely, collecting real-time data and creating project reports published in Earth5R’s EarthJournal.

Your digital footprint serves as a reference point, attaching to your certificate and portfolio, becoming valuable documentation for your career progression. The Earth5R course is not just another online course; you become part of an offline ecosystem of industry experts and mentors who assist you at various points in your career.

Welcome to the world of sustainability and a like-minded network of sustainability professionals.

Our Courses

Earth5R Climate Sustainability Environment Courses Internship
Certification Course In Global Sustainability & Environment

This course offers in-depth insights into Climate Change and Sustainability, covering topics such as renewable energy, biodiversity, and global policies, with real-life examples and a hands-on internship.

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Know your Mentor: Saurabh Gupta

Saurabh Gupta Environmentalist Founder CEO Earth5R Mumabi India Sustainability CSR NGO

As a globally renowned environmentalist and the founder of Earth5R, Saurabh Gupta has had the privilege of leading initiatives recognized worldwide. From being selected as a Young Leader in India-France by French President Macron to representing India at the Paris Peace Forum, Saurabh’s journey in sustainability leadership has been truly remarkable.

Saurabh Gupta secured funding from the United Nations for a river cleaning project in India and received esteemed accolades from UNESCO. He is also the recipient of a prestigious award from Google for creating the Earth5R app, chosen as the Best App of 2023 in the Apps for Good category.

Saurabh has trained and coached students from prestigious institutions such as New York University, U Penn, Cambridge, Sciences Po, Princeton University, IITs, and LSE on sustainability and the green economy. He has mentored hundreds of thousands of students from around the globe, delivering two TEDx talks, one at the University of Paris and the other at SVV College, Mumbai University.

As the founder of a globally renowned sustainability startup, which has successfully raised capital and boasts business partners such as Decathlon, Thomson Reuters, Tata, Lufthansa, Swiss Air, and PWC, Saurabh Gupta understands the unique challenges and rewards of entrepreneurship in sustainability. He trains young minds in cracking the new age code and how to create a career and venture in the new sustainability-based economy.

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Reviews from our Students

Arjun Iyer, India
Arizona State University,
United States

The Earth5R course helped my academic and practical understanding of sustainability, aiding my acceptance to ASU and connecting me with sustainability networks in Arizona. 

Pooja Kulkarni, India
University of Adelaide,

Earth5R’s comprehensive sustainability program boosted my application to Adelaide, especially the fieldwork experience, and helped me find related work in Australia. Highly recommended for anyone planning to go overseas. 

Khaled Mohamed, Egypt
University of Sheffield,
United Kingdom

Earth5R’s practical experience was a game-changer for my portfolio, helping my admission to Sheffield and allowing me to connect with sustainability groups in the UK. 

Pim Chaiwong, Thailand
University of British
Columbia, Canada

As a part of the Earth5R course I lead a coastal conservation project aimed at preserving marine ecosystems and promoting sustainable tourism practices at Phuket. This work experience in addressing local environmental challenges strengthened my application to the University of BC, Okanagan.