Sustainable Development: Lucknow EarthTalk At Larsen & Toubro

We are demanding nature’s services – using resources and creating CO2 emissions – at a rate 44% faster than what nature can regenerate and reabsorb.

The newly-constituted Lucknow team elevated ‘I m Earth’ to a different level by conducting an Earth Talk at Larsen and Turbo. The August gathering in the conference room comprised of a group of civil engineers with varying work experience in the construction field.

Saurabh Gupta, the founder and CEO of Earth5R started off with the talk on a very informal note mentioning examples from his life to which most of the people in the assemblage would relate to. He stressed on the fact that sustainable development is the need of the hour and  is attainable if people become cognizant of their accountability towards the environment.

The keynote presentation had visually appealing graphics related to the field of construction which were in sync with Saurabh’s assertions. He emphasized on the fact that construction is damaging nature in an irremediable way. He suggested a few methods of attaining sustainable development which should be the objects of this pursuit.

Saurabh Gupta concluded his talk by elucidating the concept of 5R’s.

Continuing the talk, Adeeba Saeed, an Earth5R volunteer, environmentalist and a civil engineering graduate , chose to apprise the audience by stating how it is a debt of gratitude upon civil engineers to work towards sustainable development. She enumerated a few technologies that are being utilized in other parts of the world in the field of construction and hold a great potential to be taken advantage of in India as well.

She threw light upon technologies like rubberized roads and mechanical concrete, and concluded her talk by earnestly requesting the audience to make a sincere effort towards attaining sustainable development by embracing such technologies and setting up an example to be followed by the rest.

The audience unanimously applauded as the talk winded up. The response was prodigious. One of the engineers brought to our knowledge that once in a month on weekends, Larsen and Toubro carries out plantation drive on its sites involving the team of their engineers and they would be glad to team up with Earth5r members of Lucknow for plantations, clean up activities and slum education.

Report by Asna Arif. Edited by Pragya Lodha