Mumbai beach cleanup by Lufthansa and Earth5R

Recently, Earth5R collaborated with the Lufthansa Group to organize a beach cleanup, and volunteers of all ages showed up to make a difference in their community.

Earth5R is a global environmental organization with the goal of creating sustainable communities through the sharing of environmental best practices.

Plastic pollution, a big environmental problem that is devastating our seas and shores, is a great source of anxiety for them. To raise awareness and motivate others to take action on this issue, the team regularly organizes beach cleanup programs. Once volunteers were equipped with gloves and trash bags, they started out to clean the beach. 

The volunteers cleaned up the beach and the water’s edge for hours, collecting trash such as plastic bottles, cigarette ends, food waste, metal cans, milk pouches, medical waste and other debris. They sang and performed music while working, creating a happy atmosphere that encouraged others to participate.

The event cleaned up the beach and taught people about plastic pollution and its effects. Fun and environmental action made the event more interesting and inspired more people to safeguard the environment.

Even though plastic cutlery was banned, the team was surprised to find a lot of plastic straws and spoons. A significant amount of electronic waste was also collected. To make sure that there is proper disposal, the team also segregated the waste into recyclable and non-recyclable piles. Further teams segregated the waste into HDPE, LDPE, multilayer packaging, etc. Around 23% was multilayer packaging, 16% was synthetic fibres, 31% was LDPE, 5% was PET, and 2% was HDPE.

Successful outcomes included a cleaner beach and more people understanding the risks of plastic litter. Around 55 kgs of trash were found. All of the volunteers offset 192.5 kg of CO2 for the Lufthansa group.


The waste was segregated into ten different categories, including six different types of plastic based on their recyclability.


The Earth5R app helps volunteers with scientific analysis of the waste, which creates an impact that goes beyond the event.


Earth5R builds communities. Earth5R corporate volunteering increases employee engagement, retention, and environmental knowledge. Earth5R helps: Earth5R staff plant trees, manage waste, and grow food sustainably.

Out of the total waste collected during the beach cleanup 23% was multilayer packaging, 16% was synthetic fibers, 31% was LDPE, 5% was PET AND  2% was HDPE.

These projects make workers feel valued. Earth5R’s community-driven sustainability approach connects employees to local communities. Earth5R corporate volunteering lets employees meet coworkers and the communities they serve.

This increases business loyalty and retention. Environmental programmes teach employees how their actions affect the environment and how to safeguard it. This may motivate employees to make greener choices. 


Lufthansa Singapore team members Philipp Bonkatz and Sabrina conducted a beach cleanup in Mumbai.


Earth5R volunteers Sagar Kulkarni and Saurabh Gupta are pulling out plastic bags from the beach.

Greener home and work practises may result. In conclusion, Earth5R corporate volunteering can boost employee engagement, community involvement, and environmental responsibility. Let employees do what they love to create a healthy, ecologically sustainable workplace. 

Data and research help firms mitigate carbon emissions. Earth5R studies local environments to determine the best carbon emission reduction solutions.

Trained volunteers measure community carbon footprints, water usage, and garbage. Earth5R leverages this data to find and implement sustainable solutions that help firms offset carbon emissions and benefit the environment and local communities. Afforestation, waste management, water conservation, renewable energy, and more.

Earth5R helps companies lower their carbon footprint with rigorous environmental impact evaluations. Data-driven Earth5R helps organizations offset their carbon footprints by applying statistically confirmed environmental actions. They assess companies’ environmental impact and build resilient communities.

Earth5R’s beach cleaning programmes are a great way to get people talking about plastic pollution and working to solve the problem.

People can gather together at these events to make a difference in the world around them and the environment. The more people are exposed to such events, the more likely they are to adopt environmentally beneficial habits and help build a more sustainable future for our world.

You can make a noticeable impact on sustainability in your locality via the Earth5R app’s environmental internship & volunteering opportunities.

The Earth5R app’s big data-driven, mobile technology enables surveys and active on-the-ground action to help policymakers create sustainability.

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