Sustainable Lighting for Navi Mumbai: The SolarOne Project

Hexaware, a leading global IT consulting firm, is taking a shining step towards sustainability with their SolarOne project in Navi Mumbai. This initiative, implemented by Five Hours Energy, addresses the dual needs of lighting up urban spaces and empowering communities.

Lighting Up MHAP Mapei:

Fifty solar street lights were installed in the MHAP Mapei area of Navi Mumbai under the CSR program. This initiative not only provides much-needed illumination at night, improving safety and security for local residents, but it also serves as a symbol of Hexaware’s commitment to sustainable practices.

One for One Model:

The SolarOne project embodies Five Hours Energy’s “one for one” model. For every 50 solar street lights installed in the urban area, 50 solar lamps were provided to families residing in a nearby slum and the Borivali National Park area. These solar lamps offer a reliable and eco-friendly source of light for households without access to regular electricity.

Empowering Communities:

The solar lamps have a significant impact on the lives of these families. Children can now study comfortably at night, and essential household activities can continue after dark. This not only enhances their quality of life but also promotes a sense of security.

A Sustainable Future:

The SolarOne project exemplifies the growing trend of corporate sustainability leadership. By investing in renewable energy solutions, Hexaware demonstrates a commitment to environmental responsibility and sets a positive example for other corporations.