5 Environmental Apps That Take Action Towards Global Sustainability

Earth5R Environmental App

Earth5R app is the best app for those who want to take on the ground action for solving the environmental crisis. This app gives you volunteering and internship opportunities that improves sustainability of your locality. Easy to join internships give you invaluable work-experience, knowledge, and globally recognised certificates that boost your CV.

High performing interns also receive a letter of recommendation (LOR). You can join these activities from any location on the globe. Earth5R app is big data driven and actively helps municipalities and governments fix environmental issues through citizen-driven actions.

This app also offers daily environmental news, and well-researched articles on topics such as sustainability, climate change, global warming, and a myriad of environmental issues.

Earth5R, the organisation that developed this app, has been a part of the Paris Peace Forum, and is awarded as a “UNESCO Green Citizens” organisation.


Olx is an app where users can buy and sell goods. Everyone knows why the three R’s promote sustainability, and this app directly facilitates the first R, Reuse. Purchasing and using second hand objects not only saves your money, but also reduces pressure on manufacturing industries. Olx is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and save money! Users can easily advertise their products on the app and contact buyers directly via the app.

Chalo App

The famous app that serves as your professional handheld guide to India’s local bus transport system. Chalo app gives accurate bus timing arrival and routes of major bus lines. Furthermore, the app has partnered with BEST bus service in India, bringing BEST in touch with the new technical age. One can buy bus passes, tickets, and reserved seating online through paperless transactions. Overall, this app immensely promotes public transport, and as a result sustainability by not only guiding travellers, but also saving on paper.


Bikemap is the world’s largest collection of user-generated bicycle routes. The app began with a few dedicated bikers sharing their go-to pathways. In a nutshell, the app’s purpose is to provide bikers with the best routes that match to their individual preferences. With Bikemap, riders have instant access to a wealth of information, wherever they may be. Cycling improves lessens noise pollution, and paves way for environmentally friendly growth and development, all while cutting down on emissions of greenhouse gases


Plantix is the best sustainable app for plant lovers. About 50,000 individuals all over the world use this app to help them maintain their gardens. The app functions as a handheld plant growing expert I. Plantix not only alerts its users when it’s time to water and fertilise their plants, but it also provides recommendations on how to cultivate a beautiful garden. Gardening is more enjoyable with Plantix’’s help because of its comprehensive plant database and intuitive interface. In order to keep its users informed, the software makes use of push notifications sent to their smartphones. This project’s ultimate goal is to aid in the global effort to improve environmental conditions by making the world greener.