‘Adaptive Urban Commuter’: Hyderabad Startup Launches Foldable E-Bicycle

Hyderabad-based E-mobility startup Kachbo Design has developed a first-of-its-kind electric bicycle that its developers call ‘an adaptive urban commuter.’

The e-bicycle Hornback looks like a regular battery-fitted cycle but can be folded and carried in a car’s boot or pushed around like a trolley. It allows easy battery swapping for a longer commute or removing it altogether for a workout. 

Unlike folding cycles with smaller wheel sizes, Hornback’s full-sized wheels allow for comfort and efficiency in pedaling while not compromising portability and compact design. As prices of petrol and gas keep rising, Kewat sees a boom in the e-mobility segment. “We are sure our product will help a lot. We will add more smart features that enhance the ergonomics, easy portability of the bicycle, etc., while targeting an affordable price range,” he adds.

Source: The Indian Express