Aishwarya Shah


Aishwarya Shah was born and raised in Pune and is studying in Symbiosis School for Liberal Arts, getting a degree in International Relations. She is working at Earth5R as a Social Entrepreneurship intern.

She loves a myriad of things like reading, gardening, cooking and anything related to arts. She has got too many interests that will be rather difficult to enlist in a paragraph, hence let’s just say that there’s very little in the world that doesn’t stir her curiosity. One such thing is nature and aspires to work for its preservation.

The only pragmatic way to ensure that human beings thrive on this planet without abusing the resources is to follow the paradigm of sustainable development, as is propounded by Earth5R. The work done at Earth5R is remarkable, she thinks and has been instrumental in giving her a chance to actually manifest aspects of her beliefs for environmental that otherwise would have just stayed as ideas. She is proud to be a part of this organization and hopes to continue her association with Earth5R.