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Andrea Fung


Andrea Fung is from Lima, Peru. She studied Marketing and Management at Esan University in Lima. She is passionate by nature and loves discovering new places. She loves traveling and meeting new people all over the world. Trekking is one of her passions and as a nature lover she is worried about our impact on the environmental changes and knows the importance of taking care of the environment.

She wants to experience and learn more about the principal social and environmental issues in the world as well as having a multi-cultural experience which involves sharing her knowledge with other people and also learning from them. She wants to use her career knowledge to help under-privileged people and to have a social impact in the world.

She got introduced to EARTH5R when she was doing a volunteer program in Mumbai and she fell in love with the project as she also believes in the idea of teaching new sustainable skills to the people. She thinks that the contribution of each person can add to a greater contribution for the world and construct a better place for everyone to live.