Environmental Awareness In Hollywood Of Ahmedabad

Hollywood is an area of Ahmedabad where lakhs of people live in dense and shabby surroundings. The Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad teams of Earth5R decided to visit this area and investigate basic issues they face on regular basis.

Ishit, Ketul, Niraj,  Parth and Shreyas visited the slums on 6th January, 2016. Awareness Drive for Hollywood started off by spreading basic awareness regarding hygiene, preventive measures for various water and food borne diseases and importance of clean surroundings.

They talked to the people for more than 90 minutes, holistically discussing various dimensions of their life styles such as source of potable water, availability of medicines and hospitals, education system for their children, means of earning livelihood and a lot more about themselves and their lifestyle.

The slum people opened up gradually as they felt the warmth and they started approaching us as we spoke about solutions regarding their issues. The team recommended them ways that could aid the state of their financial and educational issues. Their kids go to a government school where teachers are very lethargic and don’t teach properly, so, the Earth5R team decided to visit the school and look into the matter.

The team further discussed the role that they could play in order to uplift the lifestyles of these unskilled people. They concluded that the very root was the lack of regular income and financial insecurity which gave rise to other related problems.

The team decided to create a model of social entrepreneurship that could actually employ the people giving them a sense of financial security so they could lead a better and enhanced life.

-Written by Ishit Patel. Edited by Pragya Lodha and Saritha Ramanjaneyulu. Graphic Design by Raghunath Sarfare.