The River Ganga is considered the holiest river for Hindus. The sad truth is that it is also the most polluted. Despite being such a sacred river, a huge amount of waste and toxic materials are dumped into the river every day.

Raw sewage, plastic bags and bottles, industrial effluents, human waste, chemicals from tanneries, discarded idols, cow dung, partially cremated corpses, flower-garlands, human remains, animal carcasses, butcher’s offal, chemical dyes and construction waste – everything ends up in the River Ganges.

Daily, people defecate on the banks of the river, while many others come a long way to take bath in it – such is the state of things.

Rishika Jaiswal from Earth5R Varanasi conducted an awareness program at Assi ghat, Varanasi to educate people about the harmful effects of river pollution.

She educated them on how they could minimize the waste, by avoiding using soap and detergent in the river, etc.

She also urged the people to not throw plastic, garlands, wood and any kind of garbage in the river. It is only through a conscious effort in minimizing garbage are we going to help revive the Ganges.

– Reported by Rishika Jaiswal, edited by Shaivya Sahare.