Zero Waste Building Mumbai India Environmental NGO Earth5R

How To Become A Zero Waste Building

India Generates 1,00,000 metric tonnes of waste every day, out of which 70-75% waste is dumped into the landfills.The major reason why this waste is ending in landfills is unawareness among citizens for waste segregation. The waste cannot be processed because it is mostly unsegregated.

To tackle the problem of waste management and awareness for segregation Earth5R has started it’s Zero Waste program. The goal of the program is to make buildings zero waste by segregating and processing waste at the source. The Program is recently launched at EDEN IV in Hiranandani, Powai, Mumbai.

Environmentalist Saurabh Gupta introducing Zero Waste program to the citizens of Eden 4.

This program is a step forward towards addressing Sustainable Development Goals defined by United Nations. Earth5R’s Zero Waste program addresses Sustainable Development  Goal no. 1- No Poverty, Goal no. 5- Gender Equality, Goal no. 10- Reduced  Inequalities, Goal no. 11 – Sustainable Cities and Communities, Goal no. 12- Responsible Consumption and Production and Goal no. 13- Climate Action.

Earth5R’s Zero Waste program is a step towards achieving SDG’s Defined by United Nations.

As a part of the program, Earth5R team lead by Environmentalist Saurabh Gupta surveyed the waste pattern of the building and installed organic compositing units by Earth5R. Later, the citizens of the building were invited for the training program in which Saurabh shared insights on why waste segregation is important? He then went on explaining different types of waste and different methods in which the waste is processed. 

Saurabh Gupta expanding on need of segregation and procuring organic waste through organic compositing unit by Earth5R. 

Saurabh introduced some of the upcycling and recycling programs run by Earth5R which are converting waste into usable and beautiful products. Which furthermore added to the understanding of the citizens.

Saurabh Gupta giving live demo training on composting method.

Citizens keenly participating in live demo training.

Fellow Green citizen from Frangipani building Mr. Samir Deshpande was invited to be in workshop panel. Mr. Samir shared his experience with organic composting done by Earth5R’s composting units. The active participation of the citizens of the Octavius building saw this program very successful.

Green Citizen Mr. Samir Deshpande sharing his experience of composting with fellow citizens.

As a part of the program, citizens were introduced to the organic composting units and how the process of waste to composting works. Housekeeping staff of the building were thoroughly trained by Saurabh Gupta on the operation of the composting units.

Green Citizens of Eden 4 were happy and determined to process organic waste into compost.

Special thanks to Ms. Nalini Raghavan, Mr. Thyagrajan, Mr. Harsharan Bhatia and Mr. Roy of EDEN 4 building for taking up the initiative and actively participating in the program.

-Reported by Ketul Patel