Bharati Marathe

Vice President- Head of Research and Innovation at Earth5R

Bharati Marathe is the Vice President- Head of Research and Innovation at Earth5R. She is an Architect by profession and holds a Masters in Environmental Architecture. She is currently a professor at Rachana Sansad Academy of Architecture and Dr Baliram Hiray College of Architecture.

She completed her B. Arch. in 2008 and joined an Architect firm.Soon she developed her interest in child development and education and eventually founded an institution based on creative learning for small children. The institution called Love of Learning, or LOL, as it was founded with the love for children and their learning.

Bharati has an active interest in creating sustainable communities and has been particularly concerned about how to create sustainable building designs.
She feels Architecture is an essential arena for sustainable innovation.
Buildings represent about half the annual energy and emissions and three-quarters of its electricity. With the built environment growing -architects have a historic opportunity to transform its impact for the better.

Bharati speaks extensively on the topic of child development, their value system, and the role they can play in changing the belief system of the society.
She is also a knowledge partner in Project Earth Talk.

After joining Earth5R, her natural interests in creating a balanced world between human development, respect for the environment and social responsibility have become her professional journey.