Building A Sustainable Future: Insights From The Sustainability Career Launchpad Episode 3

Earth5R’s founder and CEO, Saurabh Gupta discussed sustainability careers, ESG, sustainable development goals, and reporting standards during a sustainability employment launch pack session.

The CEO is an environmentalist and former human resources director for a multinational company. India’s climate change action plan was the main topic.

Attendees were encouraged to ask questions or put them in the app for later answers.India joins the global green energy boom.

Government grants and tax breaks stimulate this investment. Engineering or business skills are needed for most entry-level occupations.

Top investors in this industry include Adani, Data Power, and ReNew Power. Engineers, technicians, analysts, and researchers work in this field. This industry includes solar, wind, hydropower, and biofuels.

Renewable Energy

Thus, this field has more career opportunities, and new companies start up every month.Green energy protects businesses and the environment. Total Energy was formerly Total Petrochemical. Renewable energy creates engineering, marketing, accounting, and supply chain jobs.

Green Building and Construction

Green building and construction, which minimises carbon footprints, is a thriving industry. Mahindra, Godrej, ITC, Tata, and Larsen & Toubro dominate.

Agriculture and food

Organic India, Big Basket, and Nestle also support sustainable food systems.

The sector has several relevant jobs beyond those of architects, engineers, and construction managers.Large companies’ supply chains and pesticide use are being questioned. Sustainable practises necessitate professionals in these companies.

Farming, agronomy, supply chain management, and food technologies Organic India, Basket, Tata Amul, and others promote sustainable farming and local organic growers. Sustainability consulting is another option.

Consultancy and services

Today, sustainable businesses matter. Environmental consultants, analysts, and auditors reduce company environmental risk. Mackenzie, Deloitte, and PWC have environmental departments.

Waste management consultantscontent writers, and recycling programmes are creating jobs. Modern companies create sustainability targets and report on social responsibility.

CSR managers, sustainability officers, and ESG analysts are growing roles in the sector. Emphasis and Tata Steel have substantial CSR programmes.

This session discussed sustainability jobs. The session revealed that firms across sectors are implementing sustainable practises to avoid environmental threats. Environmental consultants, analysts, auditors, and waste management experts work here.

Waste management, the circular economy, CSR, sustainable finance, and impact investing are job-rich. The session emphasised that anyone with training can work in this field. Sustainability departments at AccentureDeloitte, and PwC offer jobs.

Recent sessions covered sustainable finance, impact investing, and ESG consulting opportunities. Banking, commerce, environmental, and project/fieldwork experience were highlighted. Many impact funds help Yes Bank and SBI’s sustainability operations. The session focused on sustainability education and capacity building.

Sustainable Development Goals

The speaker urged SDG education.Participants reviewed the 2030 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) from 2015. The 17 SDGs target poverty, hunger, health, education, gender equality, clean air and water, sustainable cities and communities, and more.Business sectors determine SDG priorities.

Water companies may focus on clean water, sanitation, egalitarianism, sustainable cities, and environmental preservation.

Software firms may prioritise education, innovation, infrastructure, and collaborations. Corporate social responsibility programmes can meet the voluntary SDGs.Companies report ESG performance and impact. ESG and CSR are used interchangeably today, but the goal is corporate responsibility.

Reporting and framework

The reporting framework shows how corporations affect environmental stakeholders and promote ethical or socially just practises. Irresponsible firms, like BP, can be penalised and lose their reputation. Thus, environmental protection benefits the company.

To build trust and avoid sales and stock value losses, disclose the environmental impact.Indian companies must file BRSRs to demonstrate social and environmental responsibility.

Kenyan farmers can afford Brazilian coffee but not its globally advertised counterpart.South American farmers grow trendy quinoa that locals cannot buy.


ESG reporting includes corporate governance, ethics, equal pay, and stakeholder inclusion. The top 1000 listed Indian companies must employ GRI-compliant BRSR.Online sessions explored sustainability in numerous fields.

Environmental awareness benefits people and businesses, as the workshop indicated. Net-zero carbon producers like Infosys are competitive.

Sustainable career Q&As 

Speakers advised sustainability professionals to study and work. They suggested a master’s degree and fieldwork for experience.

The conference stressed the relevance of sustainability in many industries and the need for individuals and businesses to adopt it.

A recent inclusive growth and sustainable development discourse addressed disability accessibility, sustainable development occupations, and pharmaceutical certification courses.

The session speaker urged sustainable development job seekers to look at sustainable companies in various industries, including packaging and recycling.

The moderator noted that while pharmaceutical certification courses are not required, having sustainability experience or knowledge will benefit prospective applicants.The speaker critiqued resumes. The speaker added , “Post more questions in the app’s chat for more discussion”.

Hence the session was a complete success and we are happy and grateful for the response we have recieved! Stay tuned for more sessions and lots more. VIDEO OF THE SESSION HELD ON 12TH OF MAY

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