Circular Economy Benefits Of The Sustainable Community Program By Earth5R

It is estimated that a circular economy path adopted by India could bring in annual benefits of 40 lakh crores or approximately US$ 624 billion in 2050. The greenhouse emission would reduce by 44% along with significant reduction in congestion and pollution. Thus contributing health and economic benefits to the society.

Unlike our current linear economy of “take-make-dispose” which produces tons of waste, the circular economy is designed to maximize the value of products in order to eliminate waste and reduce pollution. Through promoting sustainability at all levels of the production process, the circular economy delivers economic, social, and environmental benefits. 

Circular Economy’s Economic, Social & Environmental Benefits

Economic Benefits:  By boosting economic growth, the circular economy promotes innovation, reduces material costs, and increases jobs in the renewable energy and recycling sectors. 

Social Benefits:  From reducing unemployment to increasing “resource productivity and resilience”, the circular economy satisfies consumer demand for more sustainable & long lasting products. 

Environmental Benefits: By closing the loop, the circular economy reduces pollution generated at all levels of the manufacturing/transportation process through improving waste management systems and reducing exploitation of natural resources from regenerative processes such as reducing, reusing and recycling waste.

Earth5R’s Circular Economy Focussed Sustainable Community Program

Holding these economic, social, and environmental benefits in mind, the Earth5R team presented the Circular Economy focused Sustainable Community Program to residents of Mumbai, India in order to encourage a more sustainable lifestyle at the individual level within the community.

Through the one month action plan, Earth5R volunteers engage local slum residents in proper waste management (segregating biomedical, biodegradable, and recyclable waste), the 3Rs (reduce, reuse and recycle), composting, and upcycling.

Waste Segregation & Management Training In Jawahar Nagar, Mumbai

On March 15th, 2021 the Earth5R’s volunteers delivered the Circular Economy Program to residents in Jawahar Nagar, Mumbai. With the participation of over 30 families, the Earth5R team presented to an eager audience ready to enact change at the local level. 

An Earth5R volunteer holds up a plastic bottle to depict the lasting consequences of plastic waste in order to encourage residents to pursue a more sustainable lifestyle by performing the 3Rs: reducing, reusing and recycling (Earth5R)

Utilizing pictorial aspects, the Earth5R team actively encouraged residents to participate in proper waste management through physical demonstrations and meaningful conversations regarding the importance of sustainability. 

Women Empowerment For Entrepreneurship In The Local Community

Earth5R volunteers actively promote entrepreneurship in the communities by empowering women to contribute income for the local economy. Women in the community were educated on the process of upcycling:  producing usable products from discarded plastics, cloth, and newspaper to sell on the market. Hence, the Earth5R team boosts the local economy while simultaneously empowering women to be financially independent. 

Earth5R team empowers women by educating them about the process of upcycling: reusing discarded cloth and other materials to create economically profitable goods (Earth5R)

In total, a community income of ₹22,99,500 was generated from selling recyclable waste and ₹4,52,87,375 value in Circular Economy was created under the Sustainable Community Program.

With massive effects on every level of society, the Sustainable Community Program engaged all members of the community to unite under a common purpose of pursuing a more sustainable lifestyle for the health of the planet.


Earth5R is an environmental organization from India with its head office in Mumbai. It works with the NGO sector, Companies and helps them conduct environmental Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs across India.

Earth5R specializes in circular economy based projects. Earth5R also offers short term and long term environmental courses and fellowships.

Reported by Claire Hsu, edited by Om Nair