Clean-up at Gandhinagar by Earth5R

“About 0.1 million tonnes of municipal solid waste is generated in India every day. That is approximately 36.5 million tonnes annually”

It was the morning of  8th November of around 8am when the Team began with an intention to get the garbage at its right place- into the dustbin. So, Ishit and Ketul from Gandhinagar Earth5R team began the I’m earth activity in sector-30 govt quarters on 8th November 2015, in the morning.

It was actually a garbage dump out space of the locals. It was all wet garbage, solid waste, plastic bottles and many more things. After an hour and 7-8kgs of waste collection the place regained its beauty.

It was now important to aware and interact with people near about the problems raised by garbage. We talked to around 7-8 houses. All of them refused that they contributed to the garbage dumping but they committed that they burn the plastic. Henceforth, we talked about the toxic released when plastics are burned.

Gadhinagar Cleanup Drive Volunteer Earth5R Mumbai India Environmental NGO
Gadhinagar Cleanup Volunteers Earth5R Mumbai India Environmental NGO

-Reported by Ketul Patel

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