Clean-Up Drive At Katraj Pune By Earth5R

Envisaging a cleaner, greener and healthier India, Shriyam Jalan and Sargam Kalra from Pune team of Earth5R decided to take up a Clean-up drive at Katraj Pune. They collected 4  bags full of plastic bags, disposables, used cigarettes, broken glass bottles, coconuts, kitchen waste, food wrappers and much more that was thrown around on the streets.

With rising amount of garbage in India, more than 1400 sq. km of land, which is the size of the city of Delhi, would be required to dispose of solid waste by the year 2047.

The garbage trucks only pick up the waste which is generated by shopkeepers and from public dustbins, but most of what is often left untouched and ignored is the waste lying on the ground. Earth5R team took over those areas and conducted the Clean-up drive. They also saw waste accumulated in a nearby area, with a dustbin just kept beside it.

Shriyam and Sargam realised that many areas have a shortage of dustbins. Waste management and sensitivity towards cleanliness is very important, which sadly seems to be taken less seriously.

The Clean-up activity by Sargam and Shriyam had many people taking note and asking them the reason for doing so, increasing community participation and interaction.

-Written by Sargam Kalra, edited by Vandita Morarka