Clean-Up Drive At Baner Hill In Pune

About 0.1 million tonnes of municipal solid waste is generated in India every day. that is approximately 36.5 million tonnes annually.

Baner hill has been a beautiful paradise for joggers, trekkers and a picnic spot for citizens staying in the vicinity. However, in the recent times the hill has been prone to littering and has become and ultimate garbage destination. The Earth5R team took up the challenge to restore its beauty with an avid goal to clean-up the hill. The team started the clean-up at 10 30 am and picked up wastes such as plastic bottles, cold drink bottles, wafer packets, torn paper, etc.

On 13 September 2015 Prateek Ramapuria, Umang Pawar, Tejashri Sathe, Ruchita Gangwani, Abhishek Diwedi and Ankita Singh gathered at Baner Hill, Pune to conduct a clean-up drive.

Below the hill lie slums, the dwellers there started to notice our clean-up drive and increased the teams energy with a smile of appreciation. The team ended the clean-up drive by 1 pm and with the collective efforts of each member were able to collect 6 bags full of all sorts of garbage. The hill is very big and they could clean up only a part. But, the team believes that each step taken for betterment adds to the miles we need to cover. They aim for a much better outcome next time.

Garbage like plastics do not decompose and when scattered all around depreciates the beauty the eyes adore. torn pieces of paper, wafer packets, torn mats thrown thinking of the hill as a dump-yard just reflects the insensitivity of citizens towards their environment.

The earth is our home and we need to keep it clean and happy. Imagine a dust boulder hitting your own home as a storm! The alarm has rung and it’s high time we need to wake up.

– Reported by Sagar Kulkarni, edited by Vandita Morarka.