Cleanup Drive And Earthtalk For 622 Children At Thane

The mission statement of Earth5R reads – know, act, inspire and the three together will create a lasting impact.

This was exemplified at Yeoor Hills in Thane, where the Earth5R team including Sagar Kulkarni, Manish Jha, Anmol Hembrom Kaksha Mahudkar, Akshita Shah, Tanya Martins, Ajeet Singh Meena and Nikita Shrawagi set out for a cleanup drive. And the impact was enlarged with an integrated EarthTalk for a huge group of 622 young listeners. The cleanup began from the foot of the hills and went up all the way till the Air Force station, the stretch of road which is frequented by many and littered the most.

The cleanup drive was met with enthusiastic participation from people. Some helped in the cleanup, some took photos  inquired and some of the inquisitive ones even inquired about the clean up drive.  A ‘we salute you’ shout out from the passing by children was a motivational boost for the team.

The proceeding activity was an earth talk session done for a mass of 622 people who had come for an adventure trail. the group comprised of 552 students and 70 instructors from 14 schools in Thane, Mumbai and Navi Mumbai.

During the EarthTalk, it was noticed that the children paid rapt attention to everything that the team said and met us with enthusiastic participation. This was primarily because the children were witness to the clean-up activity while they were trekking up the hills.

In compliment with our mission statement, people indeed went back with an inspiration and determination to clean up in order to green up!

– Written by Sagar Kulkarni. Edited by Pragya Lodha and Vandita Morarka