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Collaboration With Local Recyclers At Dharavi Recycling Center

On Monday, 18th June, the Earth5R team visited the Dharavi Recycling Centers. Ravi Bhanushali, a partner of Earth5R, gave the team a tour through the entire center. During this visit, the team was able to set up recycling networks and bring more local recyclers under the “ACT Powai” program.

The team talked to them about how they could be a major stakeholder in ACT Powai and how they could recycle all the dry waste in the area. Each item they recycle could be recycled into a new product and create a source of livelihood for the recyclers. This will also ensure that all the plastic collected during cleanliness drives is correctly processed.

Throughout Dharavi, there are multiple small centers, each having a specific purpose. For example – one room is dedicated to recycling air conditioner frames, another room is in charge of recycling detergent containers, another shreds the plastic, and other heats it and sanitizes it. There is a system in which they work. They make sure all the different types of plastic get segregated and processed properly.

Ketul Patel talking to recyclers at Dharavi.

Each of the recyclers works in a dingy room surrounded by trash. It is not a pleasant working environment, which makes the recyclers even more admirable. They carry out an extremely important job. As of today, there is no centralized recycling system so all of the recycling has to be done by individuals who obtain a license and recycle materials to make a living.

Each day, these individuals at Dharavi segregate and process 1 tonne of waste. They are extremely hard working and a very important part of making a sustainable society. This is why it is crucial for Earth5R to partner with them as the team moves forward with projects to remove plastic out of ecosystems.