Pollution is a dirty world: Earth Talk at Pune

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  • Prof.K.C.Sahu
    February 2, 2019 (1:00 pm)

    I am happy to know the aims and objectives of this organization. The present problems of earth’s environment, call it pollution or degradation are purely man made and the solution lies not on technological adventure to control the “Disease” but in understanding the cause of it and be aware of the issue on a holistic scale. Starting with Environmental Awareness/Awakening ” at the younger level is the only solution. I wish the group full success . In local level, I will be happy to contribute a grain of thought of awareness into your system. Best wishes.
    Dr.K.C.Sahu *
    Retd.Prof., IIT-Bombay
    F-302,Powai Park, Hiranandani Gardens, POWAI, Mumbai-76. tel.9769398235.

    *My book on “Environmental Pollution, Societal Impacts and Earth Matters”, a Discovery publication lucidly deals with such problems.

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