Community Development Workshop On Recycling: Earth5R Delhi

On 8 August 2015 the Delhi team of Earth5R organized a community development event in the form of an interactive and informative session at ‘Seva Bharti’ with kids who belong to underprivileged strata of society. They live in areas that have issues related with health and hygiene.

The team included Pratiksha Motwani, Priyanka Mahashabde, Pooja Narnoli, Priya Vihuri and Abheet Nigam. Earth5R team planned to teach kids on how their little efforts could keep the surrounding healthy for living.

The session started with building a friendly atmosphere for which they asked children to create anything they thought, from used newspaper. This craft activity played significant role in building the idea of reusing. The children used it in quite a productive manner and were really excited to make different craft forms out of newspaper. 

As the creative session ended, Earth5R team talked about littering, electricity and plantation. Towards the end,  Earth5R team asked the kids some questions to tap their attentiveness and alertness. To their delight, Team Earth5R received a great response and feedback from each child, which spoke a lot about children’s awareness towards hygiene and environment.

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-Written by Abeet Nigam,  Edited by Pragya Lodha